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Komarov Artem noted that since the beginning of the 20th century, stud welding has become more widespread in all industries beyond its original shipbuilding applications. Today, stud welding is used in most industries, from automotive to food processing equipment.

However, many changes in the way people build are forcing submariners’ stud welding again to keep up with emergency and energy efficient designs. Over the past 10 years, engineers and manufacturers have been working to improve the service life, weight and other properties of welded studs.

Welding hardware, Komarov Artem

Stud welding products

Modern stud welding products are already some of the most efficient systems for installing quick connections and fastening technologies. However, manufacturers and manufacturing companies are still working on expanding the possibilities.


Two major industries recommend guidelines for sustainability and savings. Power plants and shipbuilders have researched and found an increase in the use of studs with income from income and for longer use.

Power plants:

Most power plants use studs installed in tall furnaces to act as heat transfer in tube boilers. These studs are typically made from fire-coated 430 and need to be completely replaced about once a year. Replacing studs requires a lot of factory acceptance, which is federal and labor intensive. Some new types of iron and aluminum alloy steel studs are measured to come in at three to four times the 430 studs calculated. This new cold stud technology performs better than older studs, absorbs heat better, and forms anti-corrosion alumina when exposed to oven temperatures of 1,600 to 1,800 ºF.


Shipbuilders, especially those who build naval vessels, are also discovering the opportunity to reduce costs and increase structural stability. A study published in 2012 found that newer stud welding equipment with lower energy consumption during cold weather (between welds) could reduce shipbuilding costs on large ships.

New technologies in various industries using stud welding products will only continue to prove how much more efficient and sustainable they can be, summed up Komarov Artem.

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